Why Us?


We have an efficient system to deliver a candidate who best fits your needs.


We have a huge database of candidates that guarantees proper and timely placement.


Each day we have thousands of open opportunities for job seekers looking for temporary or permanent employment.


Though we are a small boutique firm, we have been able to place the best and skilled candidates in remote clinical roles and have a record for successful placement in Hospitals, Health systems, Clinics and Physician Provider offices.

For Population Management

We train the clinical staff, streamline the workflow processes and your internal clinic or office infrastructure to meet the demands of Population Health Services.

Digital Expertise

We build high-performance remote Clinical Teams to collaborate with your internal staff in-order to meet the needs of your Practice and your Patients for Population Health Management solutions across all Healthcare Specialties.


Our Clinical Staff performs the CCM Services and ensures appropriate documentation of CCM Notes, CCM Care Plan and CCM Time on the Electronic Health Record in real time.


We model clinical resources as per the needs of your Practice ensuring it is in the given schedule and budget.